7 Tips for Becoming a SaaS Support Professional

You likely never wanted to be a SaaS (software as a service) support pro when you were growing up — in fact, such a job may not yet have existed. Now though, you’ve heard what a rewarding career it can really be. SaaS support professionals can flex a wide range of skills, and they have the opportunity to have a real business impact.

If you do make the leap, you’ll quickly find out just how great it feels to delight a customer, and you’ll want more of that feeling. There’s no customer support major in college, though, so how do you prepare to switch careers and become a support pro?

The support team at Help Scout has a few tips to share, along with stories about our own career changes.

1. Start keeping track of your career capital now

Career capital is the unique collection of hard and soft skills, accomplishments, and connections you have earned throughout your working life.

No matter what your career is, you’re already creating value in your current role, so you should be recording that value. For example, “Over a 6 month period, I increased sales 7% by making thoughtful suggestions to customers when they were ordering” has a lot more impact than “Worked at a local sandwich shop.”

When it comes time to market yourself for a support role, you’ll be able to share specific stories and concrete numbers to paint a vivid picture of the kind of employee you are and the value you can create for a company.